1) Accounting services include:
Annual accounts for sole traders, partnerships & limited companies in order to assist with statutory obligations

Management accounts which can be a very useful tool in assisting business owners in key decision matters

Vat returns can be prepared in order to ensure the correct amount of Vat is remitted to HMRC. As part of our service, we can also report on whether savings are likely by utilising the “flat rate” scheme.

2) Taxation services include:
Corporate and personal tax return completion and submission to HMRC within the relevant timescale. This service includes all compliance matters and includes advising clients of tax liabilities, together with due dates for payment.

Tax planning for both individual and

corporate clients, with advice available on all matters including:

  • Inheritance tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Income tax
  • VAT
  • Corporation tax

3) Payroll includes:
A full payroll service is available, tailored to individual client needs, ie weekly / monthly processing.

All payslips are dispatched by first class post, together with the payroll summaries. On a monthly basis, clients are advised on the payment due to HMRC, and on an annual basis, the end of year employer returns are processed together with online filing of the relevant returns to HMRC. By utilising online filing, clients can receive a rebate from HMRC.

4) Business Advice includes:
Business advice covers any service not listed above. Business advice is general advice whether it be on start up plans, expansion plans or any other aspect of your business where clients would welcome a second opinion.

Business advice can cover advice on purely financial matters, it can also cover advice on non finance related matters, such as suggestions where applicable on how a business should look to advertise, where it might recruit staff, where it might look for referrals from other businesses.

In short, wherever there is an aspect of your business where you want an opinion, we can provide that opinion and assistance where applicable. We may not immediately have the answer to every query received, but we will endeavour to find the correct advice for you.

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